1 week ago
I have a son. One and only. 13 years ago I’ve become a mom. A happy mom of a man with romantic heart, hot head, curious mind and handsome look. There is no sport he won’t be eager to try. So he got his first board when he turned 6 and second one for his 11th birthday and today he’s got a new one, with my design, beautifully executed by @timmy____20 Thank you soooo much! You were so precise in following the design I’ve send to you🙏🙏🙏 Polar bear. Plush Polar bear is my son’s friend for 12 years and brings him wherever he travels. So I wanted this Polar bear be his safeguard, his “amulet” while surfing)) I know, that’s moms thing 🙈😊 #surfboard #surfboarddesign #customboard #venicebeach #polarbear #blackandwhite

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Машенька! Поздравляем!!! Отличный подарок и тебе и Лукоше!!
Thank you so much!! This is so nice to hear!!